My Lab's Research Focus

In a nutshell, my research program aims to “count what counts” in a manner that respects the earth and each other. 

In some cases, I work at the very local level, exploring the value to local fishers of their fisheries and cultural identity, so these can inform community management strategies. I investigate the connection of humans, ecosystems, and institutions within so-called “social-ecological systems” to better understand nature’s contribution to human well-being and the policy levers for sustainability. I also work at the macroeconomic level, searching for ways to integrate nature’s goods and services into national accounts and economic indicators, so development decisions won’t unknowingly sacrifice the environment.

My research is inherently interdisciplinary, in that I combine ecological, physical, social, and economic worldviews, information, methods, and tools to address environmental problems. Moreover, I use analytical methods derived from applied ethics and policy analysis to explore ethical assumptions and implications.

Some keywords describing the lab: Interdisciplinary, sustainability science, ecosystem services, ecosystem service modeling and valuation, wealth accounting, green accounting, Genuine Progress Indicator

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