PhD students

Jutha Supholdhavanij is a Royal Thai government scholar investigating the intersection of environmental conflict resolution, ecotourism, and community-based ecosystem management.

Alohi Nakachi is from Hawai’i island, and is working with NOAA-PIFSC’s Human Dimensions program to explore how and whether to map “social values” people hold for the environment.

Lansing Perng is focusing on modeling social-ecological systems to support NOAA coral reef management efforts.

Master’s of Science

David Lewis is modeling the impact of wildland management in California’s High Sierra in a multi-institution collaboration funded by USDA’s Food-Energy-Water program.

Anita Tsang is investigating whether octocorals can serve as indicators of land-based pollution. She is jointly advised by Kuʻulei Rodgers.

Rachael Cleveland is applying decision science with a community to understand multiple outcomes of fire management.

Master’s of Environmental Management

Melissa Kunz is a Hauʻoli Mau Loa fellow studying knowledge exchange and adaptation to drought.

Research Assistants

Whitney Goodell – a fisheries ecologist – has been helping lab projects for a few years, offering research and GIS expertise.

Emelia von Saltza – an Environmental Economist – is the research assistant for natural capital accounting and genuine progress indicator projects.

Shinya Saito – a math major – is an undergrad research assistant working on the water natural capital accounts.

Anne-Charlotte Olivier – an agronomist – was a MS intern with the lab, and continues to work on the water accounts.