Mia Comeros is working to develop a model to evaluate economic impacts of climate change in California’s High Sierra.

We are currently recruiting for a non-market valuation post-doc.

PhD students

Alohi Nakachi is from Hawai’i island, and is working with NOAA-PIFSC’s Human Dimensions program to explore how and whether to map “social values” people hold for the environment.

Lansing Perng is focusing on modeling social-ecological systems to support NOAA Integrated Ecosystem Assessment coral reef management efforts.

Louis Chua is working on coastal ecosystem accounting, and is a Pacific Island Climate Adaptation Science Center fellow.

Master’s of Science

Ann Nyambega is applying program theory to examine the resilience outcomes of nature-based climate adaptation projects.

Master’s of Environmental Management

No current students – apply to join us!


Kate Crowell – an NREM undergrad, working on Genuine Progress Indicator with the state.

Research Assistants

Whitney Goodell – a fisheries ecologist – has been helping lab projects for a few years, offering research and GIS expertise.

Michelle Harangody – a Geography and Environment Ph.D. student and PICASC graduate fellow is investigating ridge-to-reef governance as an adaptation strategy in Palau.

Alemarie Ceria – a recent economica BA, is working on a statewide recreation valuation travel cost model.