My group leads a number of current projects under three research themes:

1. Ecosystem services

How will environmental changes (i.e., land use change, climate change, human population growth, invasive species) impact the ecosystem goods and services provided by Hawaiian ahupuaʻa? 

How do land management practices affecting erosion, groundwater recharge, and water quality impact ecosystem services across the watershed, from mountain ridge to coral reef? Where are there trade-offs and win-win opportunities? How can we apply economics and decision science to make better decisions?

2. Marine protected areas

How will Palau's National Marine Sanctuary affect the structure of the fisheries? What will the impact be on tourism?

How do alternate spatial plans affect the long-term provisioning of ecosystem services in Hawaii?

3. Natural capital

What is the true progress of Hawaii, measured using the Genuine Progress Indicator?

My lab's research has been supported by NOAA, USGS, the Pacific Island Climate Science Center, USDA, National Geographic Pristine Seas, the Moore Foundation, and others.