Post-doctoral fellows

Leah Bremer (2012). Leah helped conduct a needs assessment related to ecosystem services quantification for the state. Leah is now an Associate Specialist at the University of Hawaiʻi Economic Research Organization.

Carlo Fezzi (2017-2019). Carlo strengthened the non-market valuation capacity of the lab. Carlo is now a professor in Italy.

Megan Barnes (2017-2019). Megan brought her decision analysis expertise to the lab. She now works for the government of West Australia.


Hla Htun (2018). Hla integrated physical science models (watershed), social science models, and participatory system models to evaluate ecosystem services. Hla was hired by an engineering consulting firm in Honolulu.

Jutha Supholdhavanij (2022). Jutha was a Royal Thai scholar who investigated conflict resolution in Thai marine protected areas.

Master’s of Science

Shanna Grafeld (2015). Shanna focused on economic analyses coupled with the Atlantis Ecosystem Model. She is now a corporate responsibility analyst for a private sector firm in Florida.

Becky Ingram (2016). Becky’s thesis used the Driver-Pressure-State-Impact framework as part of  NOAA’s West Hawai‘i Integrated Ecosystem Assessment. She continues to work as an environmental social scientist with NOAA.

Joey Lecky (2016). Joey’s Masters thesis focused on producing maps of cumulative human impact on the marine environment of Hawai‘i . Joey currently works as a geographic information systems (GIS) specialist for NOAA’s Integrated Ecosystem Assessment.

Mia Iwane (2019). Mia studied the socioeconomic dynamics of fisheries and fisheries management. She currently works with the human dimensions program with NOAA PIFSC.

Anita Tsang (2021). Anita, co-advised by Kuʻulei Rodgers, examined the association of octocorals with land-based pollution. She now works at the Division of Aquatic Resources.

Rachael Cleveland (2022). Rachael focused on applying principles from Structured Decision Making to community-scale fire management in Hawai’i.


Marcus Peng (2014). Marcus’ capstone focused on the Genuine Progress Indicator for the state. Marcus continues to work on environmental economic issues in the state.

Nanea Lindsey (2015). Nanea conducted a capstone with the Pacific Island Fish and Wildlife Office related to public education. She graduated into a job as a Biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Casey Ching (2018). Casey’s project identified, mapped, and modeled the cultural dimensions of stream flow within Heʻeia. Casey’s career post-graduation has brought her to the state Division of Forestry and Wildlife, the Division of Aquatic Resources, and she is now the coastal training program coordinator at Heʻeia National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Aviv Suan (2019). Aviv focused on gleaning insights from analyzing public comments from small boat fishers using conflict theory. He now works as a data analyst at the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology in the Madin lab.

Katia Chikasuye (2019). Katia was a Hauʻoli Mau Loa fellow working with the Oleson lab and Nelson lab (Oceanography) on water quality and coral reef state. Kate went on to be a Grau Fellow with the University of Hawaiʻi Sea Grant College Program.

Courtney Payne (2019). Courtney helped create programs for invasive algae removal and monitoring in Paiko Lagoon State Wildlife Sanctuary for Division of Forestry and Wildlife. She got a job post-graduation with Kahoʻolawe Island Restoration Council as a coastal specialist.


Lukanicole Zavas (2017). Luka conducted independent research with the Oleson lab on the state’s Genuine Progress Indicator, winning a university-wide award. After graduation, she got a job in restoration in Waimea Valley, Oʻahu, and continued as a graduate student in NREM in the wildlife ecology lab.

Research assistants

Michele Barnes (2015). Michele worked as an RA in the Oleson lab analyzing data from Madagascar’s small scale fisheries. She earned her PhD in NREM studying social networks. Michele is now Senior Research Fellow at ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University.

Kim Falinski (2016). Kim was an RA in the Oleson lab investigating how land-based erosion processes are connected to inputs of sediments and sediment-bound nutrients in the coastal environment. Kim started working at TNC in Honolulu after graduation.

Cecile LeViol (2016). Cecile visited from France for 6 months, working on modeling land-sea connections and the decision science of land management.

Marine Barizien (2018). Marine visited from her university in France to work on the water accounts project. She is now working on heavy metals management in French Guyana as a staff member of the government of France.

Anne-Charlotte Olivier (2019). Anne-Charlotte picked up from Marine’s work, building water accounts for the islands of Oahu and Maui. Anne-Charlotte now works as a project coordinator with the Green Municipal Fund at The Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Derek Ford (2018-2019, 2021). Derek, a Geography graduate student, was the lab GIS guru.